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Get Your Income Tax Refund

FASTER with netSpend!

When you e-File your taxes online with the IRS,

you can get your refund check deposited

 to your netSpend Debit Card.

 You will get your income tax refund cash a lot faster than by paper check.

Just follow these 3 simple steps to get your Income Tax Return

deposited to your netSpend Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card.

(Log into your netSpend account to view your 'routing & account' numbers)

On Your Tax Form...

1. Select 'Direct Deposit' on the Tax Form.

2. Enter Your Card's 'Routing' & 'Account' Numbers.

3. Select 'Checking' as Account Type.

Then, relax and wait a few days for your Federal Income Tax Return to be deposited onto your Prepaid netSpend Visa Card.


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Direct Deposit Your PayChecks for FREE

Get Paid Up To 2 Days Earlier than Your Regular Payday!

Receive Your 'Federal Income Tax Return Checks' in Just a Few Days!

netSpend will never charge you a check cashing fee when you have your employer or government check deposited.  And, you can possibly get paid up to 2 days earlier than normal with your netSpend prepaid MasterCard.

  • Employer Payroll Checks

  • Federal Income Tax Refund Checks

  • Supplemental Security Income Checks (SSI Checks)

  • Social Security Checks (SSA Checks)

  • State Unemployment Benefits Checks (varies by state)

  • Veterans Administration Compensation & Pension Checks

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Checks (DFAS Checks)

  • Employer Pension Checks

  • Railroad Retirement Checks

  • Civil Service Retirement Checks


Free Real-Time Text Alerts Sent to Your Phone

Keep track of all your transactions with activity alerts sent to your cell phone for free.

netSpend will send you a text message everytime your card is used for your protection for free.



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Free $10 Overdraft Protection

Sometimes, you accidently spend a few dollars more than what is actually in your prepaid MasterCard account... Don't worry because netSpend has you covered with a free $10 overdraft protection.

netSpend will cover your overdraft of up to $10 at no additional cost to you.  Your card account will have the overdraft deducted the next time that a direct deposit is made to your card account with 'no fees'.

The 'Purchase Cushion' is a special feature available exclusively to Cardholders who have
received qualifying direct deposits of paychecks and/or government benefits payments
totaling at least $500 within one (1) calendar month.

Your Direct Deposits must be at least $500 per month to qualify for the free overdraft protection.


Pay All of Your Bills Online

You can pay all of your bills online just like having a checking account.

Shop online with safety by using a free temporary virtual card number.


No Minimum Balance Required

Never pay a fee for not keeping enough cash in your account, because with netSpend Prepaid MasterCard, you are never required to keep a certain money balance in your prepaid card account.  Your prepaid MasterCard account can be $0.00 for any length of time, and you will never be charged a fee.


Get a FREE 'Virtual Card Number' to Shop Online

Shop online safer than ever by using a free temporary netSpend prepaid card number, known as a 'virtual card number', that allows you to make purchase online or by phone, which can then be deleted and is gone forever, just as fast as you asked for it.

You can delete your 'Virtual Prepaid Card Number' at any time, then generate another one whenever you wish.  Once you delete your temporary card number, no one can charge money to your account. 

There is never a fee to generate or use a 'virtual card number' for your Prepaid Card from Net Spend.  Only the usual prepaid card purchase fees apply.

netSpend allows you to protect yourself shopping online or by phone with a free 'virtual card number' provided by netSpend.  Just log in to your online netSpend Prepaid Card account and generate a free virtual card number at no extra cost to you.

You can delete your 'Virtual Prepaid Card Number' at any time and then generate another one any time.  Once you delete your number, no one can charge money to your account. 


Pump Gasoline with Any Account Balance

You can pump gas whether you have $1 or $10,000 in your netSpend MasterCard Debit Card account. 


Avoid the 'authorization hold' used by gas stations on debit cards that can tie-up other money in your account for days. 

Simply pay the cashier inside with your debit card and tell them exactly how much money you want to spend on gasoline before pumping gas.

--Don't swipe your card at the gas pump !!




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Deposit Checks Simply by Taking a Picture

Now you can quickly deposit a check into your prepaid debit card account and have cash in as 1 hour.  No more running to the bank before closing time, or paying high check cashing fees.  There is a $5 fee for this fast service.


Earn CASH when You 'Refer-a-Friend'

netSpend is a very generous company, that will pay you $20 when you refer a friend who activates their netSpend Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card, and loads at least $40 onto their new card.  Referral cash will not be paid if the new card holder currently has or ever had a netSpend debit card.  It's for new cardholders only.

Referral Cash

Just 5 Referrals Gets You This!




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Download Your netSpend Mobile App




Learn to Recognize Scams to Steal from You

Scammers these days try very, very hard to get your debit and credit card numbers from you, as well as all of your personal information about you and your life.


Get Fast Access to Your netSpend Account

• Check your account balance as well as your transaction history
• Send money to friends and family in an instant
• Locate no cost reload locations near you
• Load checks straight to your account – it’s as simple as taking a picture

netSpend Mobile Screenshot



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How Can I Contact netSpend?

P.O. Box 2136
Austin, Texas 78768-2136

Phone: 1-86-netSpend / 1-866-387-7363
Customer Service agents are available to answer your phone calls:
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time
Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time
You may leave a message by phone for Customer Service outside of these hours.
-If you are calling to find out your account balance, you will be charged a fee-


How Much Does a netSpend Card Cost Me?

 Depositing at least $500 in 'one calendar month', just one time, will reduce your monthly fees by almost half -- forever.

netSpend Fee Chart

Updated: Feb. 6, 2018 Go to for the most recent updates and information.

 * To be eligible for the $20 cash bonus from netSpend, new applicants must use the provided promo code. More details at

 1 Completed application, valid identification and full compliance with the US Patriot Act is required for approval for the netSpend card.  See complete details  at

 2  netSpend is the payer of all elegible bonuses. netSpend is the only determiner of qualified payees. We are merely an affiliate to supply a code given us by netSpend. To read about this and more, go to

 3 Get $20 from netSpend the first time you load $40 onto your card.  Read complete details at

4. netSpend requires a one time, one calendar month deposit by either direct deposit or other, of at least $500 to qualify for the almost 50% rate drop.  Once the qualified deposit has been made, the lower rate will remain for the customer indefinetely.

Terms: By using this affiliate site in any manner, 'you do hereby agree', that we are not responsible for errors, misinformation, omissions, or lack of more recent information of the said provider, and as such we shall not and cannot be held liable in any manner and for any monetary or other reason(s). See the actual card provider at for official details. *Compliance with US Patriot Act is required by law.

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